Archived Meeting Materials

The Board of Education transferred its archive materials to the UCLA University Library where it forms the largest individual collection at the library.


You can locate copies of most materials related to Board Meetings since 1995 if you know the date of the meeting by clicking on the "Search For A Meeting By Date" link that is found in the upper right of this page and in the middle of most other pages.  


If you download the linked document you can see the table of contents to the materials in the University Library LAUSD Collection.  There is also a search capability for the materials by keyword or subject using the Finding Aid.  If you would like to go see the original documents you can make arrangements by looking at this UCLA Library site.

If you need assistance in finding information about a Board meeting, any item that would have appeared at a meeting or a past Board Report, please call 213-241-7002.


Jefferson Crain

Executive Officer of the Board





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