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The IAU was reconstituted by the Board of Education by an action of the Board on June 21, 2016. The Director of the Independent Analysis Unit was hired on April 28, 2017. The Unit consists of five analysts, in addition to the Director, and utilizes consultants, interns, and other assistance as needed.

The purpose, scope of work, and operating policies of the Independent Analysis Unit (IAU) are defined in the Charter approved on November 14, 2017.

The purpose of the IAU is to inform and advise the Board of Education with objective and nonpartisan analyses regarding the District's current, proposed, and potential policies, budgets, priorities, plans, practices, and initiatives.

The IAU is intended to help the Board develop long-term vision, establish priorities, and ensure that District budgets and initiatives are aligned with the Board’s priorities. Additionally, analysis of proposals prior to Board action is an important role of the IAU, to help the Board make better-informed, high-quality decisions. Both the Board and District staff may benefit from the IAU’s early engagement with District staff about forthcoming initiatives, whereby clarifications may be made prior to submission to the Board.

The IAU provides an independent viewpoint:


IAU Report 2019 0404 - STEM Course Taking.pdf2.34 MB
IAU Report 2019 0318 - Administrator to Teacher Ratio.pdf665.68 KB
IAU 2019 0213 Report - Enrollment Decline.pdf828.47 KB
IAU Informative 2019 0129 - Governors budget 2019-20.pdf524.06 KB
IAU Informative 2018 1217 - Alt LCFF Base Grant Models Appendix.pdf217.97 KB
IAU Informative 2018 1217 - Alt LCFF Base Grant Models.pdf1.22 MB
IAU Informative 2018 1130 - SBA Results for Magnet and Non-Magnet Programs.pdf454.69 KB
IAU Informative 2018 1023 - Identification of American Indian/ Alaska Native Students.pdf149.57 KB
IAU Informative 2018 1017 - Native American Students and Chronic Absenteeism.pdf565.15 KB
IAU Informative 2018 1015 - Attendance.pdf169.65 KB
IAU Report 2018 1015 - Characteristics of Long-Term English Learners.pdf1.41 MB
IAU Report 2018 0830 - Fiscal Outlook.pdf2.11 MB
IAU Informative 2018 0830 - Student Composition of Magnet and Non-Magnet Programs.pdf455.73 KB
IAU Report 2018 0827 - Dual Language Surveys.pdf1.06 MB
IAU Informative 2018 0614 - Superintendent's Final Budget 2018-19.pdf292.34 KB
IAU Report 2018 0610 - Reclassification Trends for English Learners in L.A. Unified.pdf401.44 KB
IAU Report 2018 0608 - Per Student Revenues and Expenditures.pdf1.11 MB
IAU Informative 2018 0506- Health and Welfare Benefits: Costs and Liabilities Update.pdf359.25 KB
IAU Report 2018 0416 - Transitional Kindergarten and Student Outcomes.pdf1.27 MB
IAU Informative 2018 0409 - School Performance Indicators.pdf442.1 KB
IAU Informative 2018 0305 - Enhancing the Presentation of Budget Information.pdf762.44 KB
IAU Informative 2018 0228 - Uses of Discretionary Irregularly Occurring Funds.pdf959.34 KB
IAU Informative 2017 1211 - Instructional Calendar.pdf140.54 KB
IAU Informative 2017 1211 - Improving Student Outcomes in the Middle Grades.pdf494.99 KB
IAU Presentation 2017 1206 - Health and Welfare Benefits: Costs and Liabilities.pdf299.87 KB
IAU Informative 2017 1206 - School Improvement Grants in L.A. Unified .pdf713.37 KB
IAU Informative 2017 1117 - Health and Welfare Benefits: Costs and Liabilities.pdf894.24 KB
IAU Informative 2017 1106 - Title I Funding Allocations.pdf975.99 KB
IAU Informative 2017 1106 - The Effectiveness and Distribution of National Board Certified Teachers.pdf182.82 KB
IAU Charter 2017 1004 - Charter of the Independent Analysis Unit.pdf57.58 KB

Meet the IAU Team

Home Policy Areas Historical IAU Reports Meet the IAU Team


Glenn A. Daley, Director (Email)

MPhil in Policy Analysis, RAND Graduate School
MBA/MPA in Public, Private, and Nonprofit Management, Willamette University
BA in English Literature and Creative Writing, Stanford University
Research Areas: Public and Private Sector Accounting and Budgeting, Value Added Modeling, Principal-Agent and Organizational Economics in Education, Charter School Organization, Program Evaluation

Andrew Thomas, Policy and Program Analysis Coordinator (Email)

PhD in Urban Education, UCLA
BA in Urban Studies, Columbia University
Research Areas: State, District and School Site Budgeting, Program Evaluation, Education Technology, After School Programs

Britney Wise, Associate Policy and Program Analyst (Email)

MPP in Education Policy, University of Southern California
BA in Political Science and Black Studies, UC Santa Barbara
Research Areas: Health and Welfare, Dual Language Education, School Effectiveness, Public Safety and Accountability, Title I Funding   

Megan Besecker, Consultant (Email)

           MPP Candidate, University of Southern California
           B.S. in Neuroscience, University of Miami
           Research Areas: STEM Education, Curriculum and Instruction, Teacher and School Effectiveness, Program

Haydee Vasquez, Secretary (Email)

AS in Business Management and Leadership, Santa Monica College

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Home Policy Areas Historical IAU Reports Meet the IAU Team


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