Jefferson Crain

Jefferson Crain became the Executive Officer of the Board of Education in April, 1995. Prior to his appointment, he served for 6 years as Field Deputy to Board of Education Member Mark Slavkin. He has also worked for the children of Los Angeles at Grant, Monroe and North Hollywood High Schools as a math and science teacher primarily working with English As A Second Language students.

Jeff holds a degree in science from the University of California Berkeley and his public school experience crosses the breadth of this State's offerings starting in kindergarten and extending through community college, the Cal State system and several University of California campuses. He is from a family of educators. Both of his parents were teachers for the LAUSD. Jeff's sister, Llewellyn Crain, is the Executive Director for the State of Kansas Arts Commission and his brother, Christopher Crain, is the general counsel for a investment bank based in Century City.

Jeff brings an analytical outlook to his position that is bolstered by an eclectic job experience background ranging from building boats to being the Special Project Coordinator for an area wide affiliation of labor unions. He hopes to enhance the mission of the Board Secretariat by providing greater service to the public and to the Board Members.

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