Student Board Member

Student Board Member

Selection Process

Duties and Responsibilities


The Board of Education has a history of student participation at Board Meeetings.  The most recent iteration started on April 8, 2014, when a petition was submitted to the Board of Education containing signatures from high school students, 8th grade students, and teachers, requesting that a student be appointed to the Board of Education.  The petition requested that the student member have “preferential voting rights” which is a formal expression of opinion that is recorded in the minutes and cast before the official vote of the governing board.  Preferential votes do not count towards the Board vote and/or approved action. Staff verified the required number of student signatures on the petition.

The Board is complying with the Education Code section 35012(d) which states, “Upon receipt of a petition for student representation, the governing board shall…order the inclusion within the membership of the governing board, in addition to the number of members otherwise prescribed, at least one nonvoting pupil member.”

1.       Current LAUSD students who will be 12th graders next school year are eligible to submit an application packet to be considered for the position of student board member.

2.       Applications will go through a screening committee comprised of District staff and students.

3.       The screening committee will select candidates to be on the voting slate.

4.       Student body presidents and one additional elected student leader from each LAUSD high school will be able to cast a vote. One alternate will be selcted.  In the event that the elected student board member is not able to perform his/her duties, the alternate will serve as the student board member.

The student member will serve a term of one school year.  The selection process will be evaluated before the end of each school year, and changes will be made as deemed necessary.

The student board member will serve as a link between board level policy and the classroom.  The student board member will serve as a trustee on behalf of all LAUSD students and will be charged with engaging their peers District-wide on issues of interest to the students. The student board member  will participate in the associated student body presidents meetings to dialogue with school leaders and ensure that student's voice is represented.  In addition, the student member is expected to perform Board duties, adhere to District policy and maintain a 2.0 and above GPA.


The student member will be responsible for attending Board Meetings and meetings of the standing committee(s) to which he or she may be assigned.  The student member shall have the right to sit on the horseshoe with the Board and be recognized as a full member of the Board at all meetings.  The “Board book” will be delivered to the student’s school (or as arranged with the Board Secretariat’s Office).  Alternates are welcome to attend the Board meetings.

Unless invited to attend by an affirmative vote of a majority of the Board, the student may not attend closed sessions. The student cannot attend closed sessions concerning student expulsion and admissions processes and employee related matters.

The student member will be invited to attend other Board functions such as forums, meetings with students and parents and other general assemblies.

Preferential Vote and Motions:
The student member will represent student voice through a preferential advisory vote.  This advisory vote is a formal expression of opinion that is recorded in the minutes and cast prior to the official vote of the Board.  The governing board may adopt a resolution authorizing the student member to make motions that may be acted upon by the board except on matters dealing with employer-employee relations. The student member shall not be included in determining the vote required to carry a measure.

Mileage and Transportation:
The student member will be provided with transportation to and from Board meetings and other Board activities as determined.

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